Rights Administration

As the only company on the planet with both sound recording data and publisher data under one roof, MediaNet can handle all ownership, licensing, and royalty administration whether you use our fulfillment platform or your own. MediaNet administers both compulsory and direct publisher and society deals. This provides maximum matching and accuracy, ensuring precise payments and reporting.


Research is the first step in our rights management process. Our research team scours through vast libraries of digital and print data sources to find accurate ownership of all works in our system, and once identified, locates contact information for these copyright owners.


After we’ve secured rights and ownership information, the next step is issuance of licenses. Our licensing team ensures that compulsory licenses are serviced in a timely manner to the correct parties, as well as organizes and confirms the direct licensing deals we have in place.


Once rights ownership has been identified and we have secured a license, the final step is monthly royalty processing. Our royalty team ensures that publishers are paid accurately and on time for any track usage throughout the month.

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