Select songs from "Double Platiinum: Pow-Wow Songs Recorded Live At Hobbema" by Young Bird

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01 "All Give A War Cry, We Have Come Here To Sing For You..." Northern Cree play sample $0.99
02 Beginner's Luck Young Bird play sample $0.99
03 World's '00: "He Is Shaking His Bells, His Feathers..." Northern Cree play sample $0.99
04 Deal With It Young Bird play sample $0.99
05 Whassup?: "Dancers Get Up And Dance Hard." Northern Cree play sample $0.99
06 Chieftan Hall Young Bird play sample $0.99
07 Free Flyin' Northern Cree play sample $0.99
08 Poncharelli Young Bird play sample $0.99
09 Nike Town: "Come Here All Dancers!" Northern Cree play sample $0.99
10 Baby Dolls II Young Bird play sample $0.99
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Double Platiinum: Pow-Wow Songs Recorded Live At Hobbema by Young Bird (10 songs)
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