Select songs from "The Seven Seas 2011" by Various Artists

All Track Title Artist Listen Price
01 Splash Point (Original Version) Chris Coco play sample $0.99
02 Riverside (Lulu Rouge Remix) Agnes Obel play sample $0.99
03 Little Bullet (Cemetary’s Stella Remix) Spooky play sample $0.99
04 Pumped Up Kicks (Pete Goodings Stella Polaris Remix) Foster The People play sample $0.99
05 Around The World Paper Thin (Stella Polaris Remix) Asle play sample $0.99
06 Bodies (Stella Polaris Allstars Remix) Robbie Williams play sample $0.99
07 Made For You (Original Version) Kúra play sample $0.99
08 Tinnitus Of The City (Original Version) Rasmus Liebst play sample $0.99
09 Honey (Lulu Rouge Remix) Moby play sample $0.99
10 Time & Space (Lucca’s Pitch Down Stella Remix) Groove Armada play sample $0.99
11 A Deadly Mark (Original Version) Michael Moller play sample $0.99
12 Kikaro (Original Version) Aebeloe play sample $0.99
13 Floating (Peter Vistis Stella Remix) Jape play sample $0.99
14 Lo-Key (Original Version) The August play sample $0.99
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The Seven Seas 2011 by Various Artists (14 songs)
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