Select songs from "Sweet And Greasy" by Various Artists

All Track Title Artist Listen Price
01 Barbara Ann The Regents play sample $0.99
02 In My Heart The Timetones play sample $0.99
03 Heart And Soul The Cleftones play sample $0.99
04 Mope-Itty Mope The Boss-Tones play sample $0.99
05 Just To Be With You The Passions play sample $0.99
06 Pizza Pie Norman Fox & The Robroys play sample $0.99
07 Tonight I Fell In Love The Tokens play sample $0.99
08 Lovers Island The Blue Jays play sample $0.99
09 Let It Please Be You The Desires play sample $0.99
10 Believe Me The Royal Teens play sample $0.99
11 Tonight The Love Notes play sample $0.99
12 Can I Come Over Tonight Velours play sample $0.99
13 To Be Loved(Forever) The Pentagons play sample $0.99
14 IM In The Mood For Love The Chimes play sample $0.99
15 Zu Zu Bonnevilles play sample $0.99
16 The Door Is Still Open The Cardinals play sample $0.99
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Sweet And Greasy by Various Artists (16 songs)
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