Select songs from "San Remo Hits, Vol. 8" by Various Artists

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01 Al DI La Emilio Pericoli play sample $0.99
02 24 Mila Baci Adriano Celentano play sample $0.99
03 Non MI Dire Chi Sei Miranta Martino play sample $0.99
04 Lo Amo Tu Ami Nelly Fioravanti play sample $0.99
05 Le Mille Bolle Blu Mina play sample $0.99
06 Al DI La Betty Curtis play sample $0.99
07 24 Mila Baci Little Tony play sample $0.99
08 IL Mare Nel Cassetto Milva play sample $0.99
09 Carolin Dai Sergio Bruni play sample $0.99
10 Come Sinfonia Pino Donaggio play sample $0.99
11 Non MI Dire Chi Sei Umberto Bindi play sample $0.99
12 Al DI La Luciano Tajoli play sample $0.99
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San Remo Hits, Vol. 8 by Various Artists (12 songs)
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