Select songs from "Oldies Classic Doo Wop Gold Vol 2" by Various Artists

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01 Rama Lama Ding Dong The Edsels play sample $0.99
02 Tonight Could Be The Night The Velvets play sample $0.99
03 Pennies From Heaven The Skyliners play sample $0.99
04 Remember Then The Earls play sample $0.99
05 Trouble In Paradise The Crests play sample $0.99
06 Denise Randy & The Rainbows play sample $0.99
07 Mr. Lee The Bobbettes play sample $0.99
08 A Little Bit Of Soap The Jarmels play sample $0.99
09 Peanuts Little Joe & The Thrillers play sample $0.99
10 Donna The Prima Donna Dion play sample $0.99
11 Barbara Ann The Beach Boys play sample $0.99
12 Shimmy Little Anthony & The Imperials play sample $0.99
13 Stranded In The Jungle The Cadets play sample $0.99
14 You're So Fine The Falcons play sample $0.99
15 Love Potion Number 9 The Clovers play sample $0.99
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Oldies Classic Doo Wop Gold Vol 2 by Various Artists (15 songs)
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