Select songs from "Doo Wop Classic Ballads Vol 1" by Various Artists

All Track Title Artist Listen Price
01 Sealed With A Kiss Brian Hyland play sample $0.99
02 Please Love Me Forever Cathy Jean & The Roomates play sample $0.99
03 I'm In The Mood For Love The Chimes play sample $0.99
04 I'm Leaving It All Up To You Dale and Grace play sample $0.99
05 Don't You Know Della Reese play sample $0.99
06 Hey There Lonely Girl Eddie Holman play sample $0.99
07 Solitaire The Embers play sample $0.99
08 You Were Mine The Fireflies play sample $0.99
09 A Thousand Miles Away The Heartbeats play sample $0.99
10 The Wind The Jesters play sample $0.99
11 When I Fall In Love The Lettermen play sample $0.99
12 Dedicated To The One I Love The Shirelles play sample $0.99
13 Be True The Veltones play sample $0.99
14 Are You Sorry The Whispers play sample $0.99
15 Tragedy Thomas Wayne play sample $0.99
16 Till The Angels play sample $0.99
17 Baby I'm Yours Barbara Lewis play sample $0.99
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Doo Wop Classic Ballads Vol 1 by Various Artists (17 songs)
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