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01 Sing Sing Sing, Why Don't You Do Right, Goodbye The Modernaires play sample $0.99
02 Muskrat Ramble The McGuire Sisters play sample $0.99
03 Cristal Ball Johnston Brothers play sample $0.99
04 Elmer's Tune The Skyliners play sample $0.99
05 Carmen's Boogie The Crew Cuts play sample $0.99
06 Love Me Forever Kaye Sisters play sample $0.99
07 Fascination Ames Brothers play sample $0.99
08 Something For You Trío Page Cavanaugh play sample $0.99
09 The Bus Stop Song, A Paper Of Pins The Four Lads play sample $0.99
10 Slue Foot Les Soeurs Etienne play sample $0.99
11 Let's Fall In Love The Four Aces play sample $0.99
12 Hula Hop The Platters play sample $0.99
13 Allouette The Delta Rhythm Boys play sample $0.99
14 Sh-Boom, Life Could Be A Dream The Mackpies play sample $0.99
15 Be My Life's Companion The Mills Brothers play sample $0.99
16 Wishing For Your Love The Voxpoppers play sample $0.99
17 Un Pequeño Aire De 1925 Les Bingsters play sample $0.99
18 Oh Baby Mine, I Get So Lonely The Four Knights play sample $0.99
19 Good Night Angel Sy Oliver Chorus & Orchestra play sample $0.99
20 Charm The Malcom Lockyer Group play sample $0.99
21 Tom Dooley Leurs Quatre Voix play sample $0.99
22 Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho Golden Gate Quarter play sample $0.99
23 Beguin The Beguine The Andrews Sisters play sample $0.99
24 Her Hair Was Yellow Wildcats play sample $0.99
25 On A Blanket On The Beach Henri René Orchestra play sample $0.99
26 Variable The Doodlers And Sauter-Finegan Orchestra play sample $0.99
27 Oh, Boy! The Crickets play sample $0.99
28 In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin' Norman Luboff Choir play sample $0.99
29 Boo Hoo The Lombardo Vocal Trio play sample $0.99
30 Cath A Falling Star Wally Stott Chorus play sample $0.99
31 Nairobi The Steelmen play sample $0.99
32 June Night Michael Stewart play sample $0.99
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Vintage Music And The Vocal Groups by Various Artists (32 songs)
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