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01 The Tag Team Set, Kenny Gillies Of Portnalong, Last Tango In Harris, The Panda, Jack Daniels Reel, Barney's Balmoral cEwan, Mike Travis, & Findlay Napier play sample $0.99
02 Jamie Come Try Me Brian McNeill, Lori Watson, Jennifer Port, Rosie Morton, & Calum MacCrimmon play sample $0.99
03 A Mhic Iain 'ic Sheumais & Andrew MacPherson play sample $0.99
04 The Brides And Tartars Set, The Bride's Reel, The Muillean Dubh, Timour The Tartar, John Macneil's Reel Andrew MacPherson, & John Wallace play sample $0.99
05 The Dowie Dens O' Yarrow Emily Smith play sample $0.99
06 Liam's Bonnet Liam Brown play sample $0.99
07 A Mhairead Og James Graham play sample $0.99
08 Da Burn O' Cousta Jenna Reid play sample $0.99
09 Sailin's A Wearie Life Fiona Hunter & Fraya Thomsen play sample $0.99
10 A Blast From The West, A Pheigi A Ghraidh, Clachan Ghlinn Da Ruadhail, The Argyllshire Gathering, The Knockdhu Reel, Debbie Ann's Reel Angus MacPhail, Jenna Reid, Ian Muir, & Neil Cameron play sample $0.99
11 For Meg Of Abernethy, Cumha Airson Ceannard Chlann 'ic Uilleam, Blar Sliabh An T-Siorradh, I Will Not Goe To My Bed Til I Suld Die Dominique Dodge, Rosie Morton, Jennifer Port, Fraya Thomsen, & Karen Marshalsay play sample $0.99
12 Fhir A Chinn Duibh nifer Port, & Calum MacCrimmon play sample $0.99
13 Incholm, Salve Splendor Rob MacKillop play sample $0.99
14 Hielan' Laddie Findlay Napier, Gillian Frame, & Brian McNeill play sample $0.99
15 Whistle O'er The Lave O't James Ross play sample $0.99
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No. 1 Scottish Traditional Music From The Rsamd by Various Artists (15 songs)
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