Select songs from "The Fair Sex-Tette (Digitally Remastered)" by Various Artists

All Track Title Artist Listen Price
01 Impossible Gloria Lynne play sample $0.99
02 Walkin' After Midnight Patsy Cline play sample $0.99
03 Le Fiacre Gisele Mackenzie play sample $0.99
04 Queen For A Day Ketty Lester play sample $0.99
05 End Of A Love Affair Joya Sherrill play sample $0.99
06 Yes Indeed Della Reese play sample $0.99
07 Old Man River Gloria Lynne play sample $0.99
08 I've Loved And Lost Again Patsy Cline play sample $0.99
09 The Piper O' Dundee Gisele Mackenzie play sample $0.99
10 I Said Goodbye To My Love Ketty Lester play sample $0.99
11 Thou Swell Joya Sherrill play sample $0.99
12 Blue And Orange Birds And Silver Bells Della Reese play sample $0.99
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The Fair Sex-Tette (Digitally Remastered) by Various Artists (12 songs)
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