Select songs from "Jersey Bop: The Tri-State Sound Of Doo-Wop" by Various Artists

All Track Title Artist Listen Price
01 Pretty Little Girl Monarchs play sample $0.99
02 Alley Oop Dante & The Evergreens play sample $0.99
03 Woe Woe Baby Personalities play sample $0.99
04 Poor Humpty Dumpty Emblems play sample $0.99
05 Till Then The Classics play sample $0.99
06 Blanche Three Friends play sample $0.99
07 Julie The Fiestas play sample $0.99
08 School Bells Nicky & The Nobles play sample $0.99
09 You The Aquatones play sample $0.99
10 That's My Baby The Ballads play sample $0.99
11 Guardian Angel The Kingsmen play sample $0.99
12 What'cha Know New? Unique Teens play sample $0.99
13 Crime Don't Pay The Nobles play sample $0.99
14 Darlin' I Do Sebastion play sample $0.99
15 Mop Top The Jumping Jacks play sample $0.99
16 Walkin' In The Rain The Exec's play sample $0.99
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Jersey Bop: The Tri-State Sound Of Doo-Wop by Various Artists (16 songs)
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