Content Fulfillment

Digital Content Fulfillment has never been easier to integrate. You can build a world class content delivery application, whether you are looking at providing downloads, streaming or subscription services. MediaNet’s suite of content services and tools cover your every need, from discovery to transaction to analysis and optimization.

Multiple Content Delivery Options


Offer a superior music and eBook download experience. Whether through our Web Components or your own UI using the MN Open API or Data Feeds, many tools are available to maximize revenue through up-selling, cross-selling, contextual matching, and more… Multiple formats and bitrates are available for Music and Videos.

Streaming and Radio

Develop your own streaming or radio service. Pair this capability with our recommendation engine to have the ability to create track and/or artist based playlists on the fly with minimal effort.


Do you have a subscription service in mind? MediaNet has 10 years experience providing subscription capabilities delivered to personal computers and portable devices.

Commerce Options

You have the flexibility of using MediaNet’s commerce and purchase path, or integrating into your own commerce system for more flexibility.

  • Full-featured shopping cart functionality
  • Transaction processing via credit card or account balance
  • All major credit cards accepted Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (some territories may vary)
  • PayPal accepted in the US
  • Industry-standard SSL encryption and security
  • Flexibility in pricing rules with some options

Portal and Reporting

With your account you get access to the MediaNet Customer Portal, where you can manage your account preferences and balance, and access analytics and transactional reports. See what and how much you sell and what your web component impressions are.


Our content comes with a full set of Metadata information making each download or stream a rich experience to your end users. Include the album/cover art, release/publication date, artist/author name and much more.

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The MN Open Web Component library is a great example of what the MN Open API can do. A REST based HTTP service that is full featured and fast to implement, your media needs can be met by this enterprise solution. More information on MediaNet’s MN Open API

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Our web components are widgetized tools that allow you to drop code snippets in your site for very quick and simple implementation of our rich content and features. No coding skills needed.
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