Digital Music Content Solutions

MediaNet gives you the power to integrate Digital Music Content on any site or service. Whether you are looking for Content Fulfillment, Content Information, or Rights Administration, we cater our services to large and small companies.

Content Fulfillment Services

Over the last 16 years, we have built a powerful platform for digital music fulfillment that can access our catalog of over 60 million tracks in multiple territories.

Through our platform you can implement:
  • a download service
  • a streaming service
  • a streaming radio service
  • a subscription service

Our platform is versatile enough so that your product can be what it is meant to be. You can develop a website, a mobile app, or any other application on a personal computer or a portable device. We give you world-class tools to cover all aspects of such a product from rights management, to commerce, to optimization tools and rich reports.

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Integration Options and Tools

MediaNet’s integration options and tools bring you the right level of control for your service.

Through our platform you can implement:
  • MN Open API - Search our catalog, retrieve information and transact all through our lightweight, easy to integrate APIs.
  • Data Feeds - Our XML Data Feeds give you access to a constantly updated file containing the Metadata of our entire catalog. Great for catalog matching and more customized search features.
  • Download Manager and more
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Entertainment Content Is Our Business

MediaNet Services cover all aspects of digital content delivery: Fulfillment and Information services. We bring over a decade of experience in bringing solutions to meet those needs. We have worked hand in hand with content partners to simplify content delivery and handle digital distribution and licensing rights.