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Articles for David Banner

'Avengers': Mark Ruffalo says the Hulk has 'found his family'

(Marvel Comics) Bill Bixby played David Banner in the TV series "The Incredible Hulk," which ran from 1978-1982, as well is in several TV movies. Here, he reprises the role in the 1990 TV movie, "The Death of the Incredible Hulk. Read Article

David Banner Drops "Sex, Drugs & Video Games"; Plan to Shoot Movie and Donate ...

(AllHipHop News) David Banner has taken to the Internet to release his new album, Sex, Drugs & Video Games for free, with hopes that those that download the album will also donate $1 to his 2M1 Movement. In Banner's own words, “The 2M1 Movement is to ... Read Article

David Banner & Chris Brown "Amazing" (NEW VIDEO)

The “Amazing” visuals are creative and definitely display that David Banner charm we all love. The video is shot using stop motion technology, and it features the heads of Banner and Chris Brown photoshopped on various figures. Read Article

MIXTAPE: British Songbird Estelle Releases “All Of Me”, Features Robin Thicke ...

The rapper-heavy project includes appearances include Robin Thicke, John Legend, Raekwon, Rhymefest, Gucci Mane, David Banner, Cee-Lo Green and many more. It was her 2008 single “American Boy”, featuring Kanye West that brought her fame in the US ... Read Article

David Banner, Sex, Drugs & Video Games

David Banner may have stepped away from the mic for two years, but you can't tell by his sixth solo album—which, in reality, is the best way to describe Sex, Drugs & Video Games. The project is a free release, as Banner and Los Angeles producer Swiff ... Read Article

Tito Lopez Preps The Hunger Game

By Brooklyne Gipson Only a small number of rappers who rep Mississippi make it out of the state, the best known of them being David Banner, of Jackson, Mississippi, who managed to make a name for himself on a national scale in 2003 with his ... Read Article

The Avengers – Dr. Banner's Wisdom About Bipolar

By Tom Wootton I have long been a fan of The Hulk, but I had not noticed the incredible wisdom of Dr. David Banner until The Avengers movie made it clear. In his wisdom about managing rage he grasps the secret to managing depression and mania too. Read Article

EXCLUSIVE Part 2: David Banner Makes a Surprise Visit to ATL Youth; Talks Risk ...

by Biba Adams May 24th, 2012 @ 3:05pm David Banner, speaking at Year Up Atlanta, a non-profit workforce development agency, talked to the students about issues important to them. Prior to the event, where he was interviewed by staffer, ... Read Article

If I Were President: David Banner Speaks On His Policies & Cabinet Choices ...

by The Company Man Exclusive: One of Hip Hop's most inspiring voices, David Banner speaks on the issues that matter to him if he were in the Oval Office, and why Diddy, Tech N9ne and a few others would be getting calls. David Banner is hard at work on ... Read Article

David Banner: "If Life Is A Video Game, Who Has The Controller?"

By Jerry L. Barrow, Senior Editor David Banner is one of the most thought-provoking hip-hop artists making music today. The Jackson, Mississippi rapper, actor and producer has pushed the discourse on the state of hip-hop (and Blacks in America) more ... Read Article

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