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K. Michelle Outs Mimi's Boo, Rasheeda Surprises Kirk On 'L&HH ATL'

Rasheeda finally breaks the news to Kirk that she's pregnant and oh boy, Kirk aint' happy. "I don't think the timing's right," he says, with little emotion. Rasheeda starts crying and says that Kirk wants everything on his timeline. Just last year, he ... Read Article

Kirk Frost hints at divorce from Rasheeda?

Nearly a year after they renewed their vows, rumors have been circulating recently that Kirk and Rasheeda are headed for a split. And while Kirk is quick to defend Rasheeda against any threats outside of their marriage, they're not seeing eye-to-eye at ... Read Article

Love And Hip Hop ATL Kirk, Rasheeda Divorce Rumors: PHOTOS Of Kirk ...

Kirk and Rasheeda from "Love and Hip Hop ATL" over? The couple may be facing the end of the road in their relationship as I splays out in season two. The VH1 reality (ONLY) married couple on the Hip Hop love show are having struggles in their ... Read Article

Is Kirk Wrong For His Reaction To Rasheeda's Pregnancy? [POLL]

One of the benefits of marriage should be that when you tell your husband you're pregnant he rejoices, or are we living in a dream world? Obviously Kirk wasn't happy with the baby news. Not only was he not happy he tossed around blame as if Rasheeda ... Read Article

Hip-Hop Rumors: So Scrappy Put A Seed In Rasheeda's Soil?

YOOOO! I had put this into the rumors yesterday, but I didn't REALLY think that RASHEEDA was out there with Scrappy! But, damn…this rumor is getting some serious traction in the blog world. But, I saw on “Love & Hip-Hop,” where Rasheeda's man hubby ... Read Article

It's Official: Kirk Frost Asked Rasheeda To Terminate Her Pregnancy

Currently, he's enjoying the fat of the land by living off managing his wife, Rasheeda's anemic music career on VH1's Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. And when he's not siphoning his wife's income, he's demanding her to abort their child by projecting his ... Read Article

Love And Hip Hop ATL LIVE STREAM Episode 8: Kirk, Rasheeda Divorce Blows ...

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta episode 8 will have drama carried over from last week's episode after Mimi, K. Michelle, Che Mack, and Joseline had gotten physical with each other. This week Scrappy and Erica's relationship doesn't seem to be on the mends ... Read Article

Kirk Asks Rasheeda 'Who's The Daddy?' [POLL]

After Rasheeda asks, “I got myself knocked up?” he responds, “I don't know. I really have doubts about it anyway.” Doubts that your wife of over a decade is pregnant with your baby? Kirk is really trying it. Rasheeda thinks he's questioning her ... Read Article

Rasheeda's ready to move on

Rasheeda is so over the drama that she's been surrounded with on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” this season. The Georgia Peach told Columbus' Power 107.5 that she's all about moving forward with her life. But many “LHHA” viewers are still wondering what ... Read Article

All-Area Tennis Girls Player of the Year: Rasheeda McAdoo, American Heritage ...

For American Heritage senior Rasheeda McAdoo, there was no better way close out her high school tennis career than winning back-to-back state titles in overall singles. “It gave me a whole bunch of confidence in myself and really boosted my energy ... Read Article

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