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Marilyn Manson to Paris Jackson -- You're ALWAYS Welcome At My Shows

0605-marilyn-manson-paris-jackson-tmz. Paris Jackson won't ever have to worry about missing another Marilyn Manson concert -- 'cause the goth rocker tells TMZ she'll get the VIP treatment whenever she wants to come to a show. We broke the story ... Read Article

Marilyn Manson dedicates song, offers support to Paris Jackson

Musician Alice Cooper, who is touring with Manson on the "Masters of Madness: Shock Therapy" tour: He referred to the trial the Jackson family is bringing against tour promoter AEG live and told Extra, "I don't think the (Marilyn Manson) concert was ... Read Article

Video: Marilyn Manson talks to Larry King

Larry King may have left his CNN gig, but he still seems to be having fun at the mic. This week King chatted with Marilyn Manson on his Hulu series, Larry King Now, and it's pretty fantastic. Manson is funny, articulate and speaks from the heart ... Read Article

Marilyn Manson Tells Paris Jackson She's Welcome At His Shows

Marilyn Manson has reached out to Paris Jackson after hearing the teen was upset she didn't get to attend one of Manson's shows prior to her suicide attempt Wednesday (June 5). Jackson was reportedly upset when she was told she wouldn't be allowed to ... Read Article

Marilyn Manson Sits Down with Larry King for Bizarre Interview

Larry King isn't the hippest of cats, in fact, he may be described by some as a jive turkey, but King's demeanor and unfamiliarity with Marilyn Manson makes for fantastic entertainment. Manson as a conversationalist is on-point as always and the ... Read Article

Marilyn Manson Extends Open Invitation to Paris Jackson

*Marilyn Manson got wind of his name being mentioned in Paris Jackson's suicide attempt and has responded. A family source claimed the events leading to Paris' hospitalization on Wednesday were sparked in part when she was told that she couldn't attend ... Read Article

Marilyn Manson After Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt: 'You Will Be On My Guest ...

Marilyn Manson is reaching out to Paris Jackson after she attempted suicide on Tuesday. The 15-year-old cut her wrists with a kitchen knife and took nearly 20 ibuprofen after she wasn't allowed to go to the “Beautiful People” singer's concert, a family ... Read Article

Marilyn Manson Reportedly Invites Paris Jackson to Concerts 'Anytime'

Marilyn Manson has extended an invitation to Paris Jackson: She can be his guest anytime. After unconfirmed reports surfaced that one of the reasons the 15-year-old reportedly attempted suicide may have been that she was not allowed to attend one of ... Read Article

Marilyn Manson Reaches Out to Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris After ...

Marilyn Manson is a self-proclaimed poster boy for all things society fears, but all those who pay close attention understand that Manson is a man of heart. Following the apparent suicide attempt of late singer Michael Jackson's 15-year-old daughter ... Read Article

Marilyn Manson Offers Paris Jackson VIP Treatment At Show

Looks like Paris Jackson may be able to catch a Marilyn Manson show after all. Before being admitted into the hospital following an alleged suicide attempt, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson was reportedly in shambles because she was forbidden ... Read Article

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