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Built to Spill is an American indie rock band based in Boise, Idaho. Former Treepeople guitarist/vocalist Doug Martsch formed Built to Spill in 1992 with Brett Netson and Ralf Youtz as the band's original members. Martsch stated that he intended to change the band's lineup for every album, himself being the only permanent member.

After the band's first album, “Ultimate Alternative Wavers” was released in 1993, Netson and Youtz were replaced by Brett Nelson and Andy Capps for 1994's “There's Nothing Wrong with Love.” A compilation album called “The Normal Years” followed, which included recordings by both line-ups.

“Built to Spill Caustic Resin,” a split EP with Caustic Resin, was released in 1995. Martsch signed Built to Spill to Warner Bros. Records later in 1995. Unlike many artists signed to major labels, the deal the band brokered with Warner Bros. allowed it to retain a large degree of creative control over future albums.

Built to Spill produced its first major label release in 1997 with “Perfect from Now On.” By this time, the band consisted of Martsch, Nelson, Netson, and Scott Plouf. “Perfect from Now On” met with critical success and caused Built to Spill to become one of the United States' most recognizable indie rock bands. Before releasing another album, Martsch made Nelson and Plouf permanent members of the band.

In 1999, the band released “Keep It Like a Secret” to continued critical success, and for the first time, significant commercial success. “Live” was released in 2000, and the band's fifth studio album, “Ancient Melodies of the Future,” was released in 2001.

In 2002, Martsch released “Now You Know,” a solo album with both blues and folk elements. He performed numerous solo concerts in support of the album. Built to Spill was on hiatus for most of this period.

Their sixth studio album, “You in Reverse,” was recorded in Portland in 2004, but was not released until April 2006. The band's official lineup for the album was Martsch, Nelson, Plouf, and Jim Roth, who was formerly only a touring guitarist. Netson provided guitar work on several songs and later rejoined the band as a full-time member.

After the release of “You in Reverse,” Built to Spill continued touring almost non-stop. In March 2006, Martsch suffered a detached retina which required surgery. This forced the band to postpone several dates of the tour. More bad news came when former drummer Andy Capps was found dead in his home on May 18, 2006.

July 2007 saw the release of a 12" single, “They Got Away”/”Re-Arrange.” “They Got Away” was a heavily reggae-influenced original song, while “Re-Arrange” was a cover of a song by the reggae band The Gladiators.

Built to Spill released its seventh LP, titled “There Is No Enemy,” in October 2009. In January 2010 it was announced that British based label ATP Recordings had signed the band in Europe to release “There Is No Enemy.”

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