Boris are a Japanese sludge/doom rock trio who take their name from a song on grunge godfathers, the Melvins' Bullhead album. Musically, Boris relies heavily on downtuned guitar/bass tones and exceedingly slow tempos. Their musical influences include, psychedelic rock, punk, noise, minimalism, and pure sludge-drone. Boris formed during the early 1990's and consists of guitarist Wata, bassist Takeshi, and drummer/vocalist Atsuo. Most of the band's work incorporates an experimental aspect to much of it; their albums have been conceptual projects: “Absolutego,” in its original form, was a feedback-heavy drone exploration consisting of a single 65-minute track; “Flood” consists of another extremely long track, 70-plus minutes in length, exploring the band's quieter sides with a minimalist/phase music slant. Also on the more experimental end of their discography are collaborations with Japanese avant-garde enigma Keiji Haino and power electronics/noise legend Merzbow.

The band released their debut album, “Absolutego,” in 1996 on the band's own Fangs Anal Satan label, which was reissued by the Los Angeles-based Southern Lord label in 2001 along with a bonus track and new packaging. Their next album, “Amplifier Worship,” came out on the Mangrove label in 1998. The band attracted a cult following in their homeland and were slowly breaking through to the U.S. audiences around this time. A live Boris/Keiji Haino collaboration entitled “Black: Implication Flooding” was released by Japan's Inoxia Records, also in 1998. The following year Boris issued a split CD with fellow Japanese band Choukoko No Niwa, “More Echoes, Touching Air Landscape,” which also came out on Inoxia Records. Their third full-length album, “Flood,” was released two years later on the MIDI Creative label.

Their 2006 album, “Pink,” generated critical acclaim in Japan and was a crowd pleaser for fans and critics alike. “Rainbow” appeared a year later, featuring Michio Kurihara from the Japanese band Ghost Over the next few years two more albums emerged. After extensive touring and a break from music, Boris returned in 2011 with two new releases on the Sargent House label; while stylistically very different from one another, they were released simultaneously in April: “Heavy Rocks” and the more texturally diverse “Attention Please.”

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