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Robert L. Green, Jr., better known by his stage name Spice 1, is an American rapper from Hayward, California, best known for his 1994 album "AmeriKKKa's Nightmare." He has consistently been releasing solo and group albums since 1992.

He was first discovered by rapper Too Short. His first release, "Let It Be Known" EP, was not well-known or widely released, and included seven old-school style tracks. His self-titled debut album "Spice 1" was a very vivid and fatalistic Gangsta rap album, and his angry, edgy, and pessimistic rapping style and tone only added to the despair emanating from the disc.

He followed it with an even more bitter and nihilistic release, "187 He Wrote" in 1993, complete with simulated gunfire. Spice 1 managed to release six albums under Jive records along with one greatest hits album. While Spice 1 was signed to Jive, three of his albums reached Gold status. According to the RIAA, these albums were "Spice 1," "187 He Wrote" and "AmeriKKKa's Nightmare."

The biggest song in his career was "Trigga Gots No Heart" from the "Menace II Society" soundtrack. After 8 years, Spice 1 released his last album with the label, "Immortalized." According to Spice 1, he left Jive Records because they wanted him to clean up his image. Spice 1's creative output has ballooned since his release from Jive.

He has released more than 10 group and solo albums since in 2002's "Spiceberg Slim" his eight studio album released on Hard Tyme Records, & Riviera Records. It made it to #79 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop album charts and #39 on the Top Independent album charts.

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