Powerman 5000


Powerman 5000 is a heavy metal band that was formed in 1991 by the younger brother of Rob Zombie, known as Spider One. Spider's musical style has been compared to his brother's by music critics, in that both musicians produce “theme” orientated musical projects, which are often based in science fiction. Powerman 5000 began when Spider dropped out of art school and brought a 4-track home studio and drum machine. He began to write and record his music with friend and producer, Lamar Lowder. In 1993 Adam 12 joined the band and the next two years saw two independent releases from Powerman 5000,“True Force” and “The Blood Splat Rating System.”

As the band's popularity began to grow, so too did label interest and the band was signed to Dreamworks Records in 1997 which released “Mega!! Kung Fu Radio.” 1999 saw guitarist M.33 (Mike Tempesta) join the band and the hit singles, “When Worlds Collide,” “Nobody's Real” and “Supernova Goes Pop” appear on the band's most successful album to date, “Tonight the Stars Revolt!” The follow-up album, “Anyone For Doomsday?” was not as successful as its predecessor.

Around this time conflicts began to break out among longtime members Dorian 27 (Dorian Heartsong) and Al3 (Allen Pahanish), who both left the band. Ad7 (Adrian Ost) and Siggy Sjursen replaced them. In 2001 the band had a hit on their hands with their cover of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood song, “Relax,” which was featured in the film “Zoolander,” and propelled the band's appeal.

2003's “Transform” displayed more of a punk sound, which was a new direction for the band. The band dropped their theatrics and costumes of the “Tonight The Stars Revolt!” era and began to focus solely on the music. Spider started up his own record label at this point, Megatronic Records, due to Interscope buying out Dreamworks.

2005 saw the band release a new album, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Vol. 1” on Spider's new label. Before the band embarked on a tour in support of the album, M.33 was kicked out of the band and Adam 12 did not want to tour. Former Alien Ant Farm guitarist Terry Corso and guitarist Johnny Rock Heatley came on board at this point. The band signed to DRT Entertainment after their tour and released “Destroy What You Enjoy” in 2006.

The band went through some line-up changes over the next few years but continued to put music out with Spider always at the helm. 2010 saw Powerman 5000 touring in support of their new album, followed by the release of “Copies, Clones & Replicants” in 2011.

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