Newsboys are a Grammy Award-nominated Christian pop rock band. Since the band's founding in Australia in 1985, Newsboys have released fourteen studio albums and have been one of the most popular Christian music artists of the past two decades.

The band came to the United States in late 1987 after getting signed with Refuge Communications, and released the album “Read All About It” in 1988 in the United States.

After signing with Star Song Communications, they released two more albums from 1990 to 1991: “Hell Is For Wimps” and “Boys Will Be Boyz.” None of the three albums garnered much attention, and the band's lineup changed with every release.

It wasn't until their 1992 album, “Not Ashamed” (containing a cover of the DeGarmo & Key song "Boycott Hell"), that the band gained notice in the Christian music scene.

In 1994, amidst continued lineup changes the band released “Going Public,” their fifth album and first success. The record proved to be a watershed for the group, winning a Dove Award for "Rock album of the Year" in 1995. It also produced #1 hits such as "Spirit Thing," "Let It Rain," and, most notably, "Shine." "Shine" won the 1995 Dove for "Rock Recorded Song of the Year."

The 1996 follow-up album “Take Me To Your Leader” was recorded with the band expanded to six members. The album produced more #1 hits: "God is Not a Secret," "Reality," "Breakfast" and the title track. This album also won the group's third Dove, this time for "Recorded Music Packaging of the Year."

Their next album “Step Up to the Microphone,” sold well. The song "Entertaining Angels" won the 1999 Dove for "Short Form Music Video of the Year." The band returned in 1999 with “Love Liberty Disco,” the band's only album to significantly deviate from their pop rock sound.

In 2000 Newsboys released a greatest hits compilation, “Shine: The Hits,” which did not include any songs from the “Love Liberty Disco” album but included four new songs, two of which ("Joy" and "Who") went to #1. The band did not release any all new material until the spring of 2002 when they released “Thrive.”

The Newsboys followed with two praise and worship albums: “Adoration: The Worship Album” in 2003 and “Devotion” in 2004. On 20 November 2007 the Newsboys released “The Greatest Hits.”

Newsboys released the studio album ”In the Hands of God” on 5 May 2009 on Inpop Records. The Newsboys' latest studio album, “Born Again,” was released on July 13, 2010. The album debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200, by far their highest position on the chart. It also sold over 45,000 copies in its first week.

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