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Marvin Sease was born February 16, 1946 in Blackville, South Carolina and is a blues and soul singer and songwriter. Sease began his music career with the gospel music group, Five Gospel Crowns, out of Charleston, South Carolina. Sease's stay with the group was short as he relocated to New York City in 1966 at the age of 20. Sease played for a short while with another gospel group, The Gospel Crowns, however, he began to feel that gospel music was not his style.

Feeling more of a connection to R&B music, Sease left the group to form his own R&B group. Sease recruited three of his brothers and the quartet began performing together throughout New York. In this group Sease was accompanied by his own three brothers, and named the backing band Naglfar. He and brothers were not successful as a band and eventually went their separate ways with Sease being offered a recurring gig at the Brooklyn club, Casablanca.

In 1986, Sease released his self-titled debut album, featuring the hit song, “Ghetto Man.” The album established Sease as a prominent R&B artist. Around this time, Sease was offered a recording contract with Polygram Records. With this contract, he was able to launch his music nationally with the re-release of his self titled LP on Mercury Records in 1987. This updated release of his previous material also included the new ten minute track “Candy Licker,” which became an instant success for Sease through the South. Success had finally come to Sease without the help of airplay which deemed his sound too explicit for the audience.

Over the next decade Sease released several more records for Mercury and Jive Records, which performed well on the Billboard R&B chart. Sease's success was notably linked with his chart topping song “Candy Licker,” and ensured a strong female based following.

Sease went on to have a steady career up until his death of pneumonia in Mississippi in 2011 just eight days shy of his 65th birthday.

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