Infected Mushroom


Infected Mushroom is a psychedelic trance and electronic music group. Originally formed as a duo by Erez Eisen (also known as I.Zen) and Amit Duvdevani (also known as Duvdev) in the city of Haifa, in northern Israel, the group has garnered a large international fanbase.

In 1998, Eisen and Duvdevani began playing together. At first they released a few tracks as Shidapu & Duvdev. Later on, they formed the duo Infected Mushroom and started working on their first album.

1999's “The Gathering” was the breakthrough debut album for Infected Mushroom. The album featured a dark, rhythmic atmosphere exemplified in the song "Psycho," which gathered much acclaim and popularity. This album was one of the first albums to bring Israeli psytrance to more mainstream audiences, and contributed to the gradually growing popularity of the genre worldwide.

In 2000 the duo released one of their most well-known albums, also being one of the most well-known albums in the genre today, “Classical Mushroom.” The album showcased one of their most popular tracks, “Bust A Move.” This album is commonly referred to as the best example of the group's efforts.

2001's “BP Empire” was well-received by many fans and critics alike. Especially renowned is the musical epic “Dancing With Kadafi” segueing numerous styles of music, most notably through the use of strong middle-eastern style melodies and a classical piece halfway through. However, the album was not as popular with mainstream audiences when compared with earlier releases, primarily due to the less accessible melodies in most of the tracks. The album was also seen as a break away from the more traditional styles of psytrance by many psytrance purists, who felt that the new territories explored went beyond the bounds of psytrance but not necessarily in a progressive sense.

They released a double album “Converting Vegetarians” in 2003. The first of the two discs was “Trance Side” which contains mostly trance-based dancefloor material. The second disc was entitled “The Other Side,” and it contained mostly genre-bending experimental music ranging from the R&B inspired title track to the more down-tempo laid-back “Elation Station,” to the electro-pop tracks “Blink” and “Illuminaughty” with vocals by the well-known UK psytrance vocalist Michele Adamson, to the short and experimental “Shakawkaw.”

The release of “IM The Supervisor” in 2004, further surprised listeners with yet another mix of psytrance with other musical genres. The album became Infected Mushroom's best-selling album up to that time.

Guitarists Thomas Cunningham and Erez Netz joined in 2004. Cunningham plays with Infected Mushroom in the United States, while Netz plays the rest of their gigs. In December of that year, Infected Mushroom moved from their base in Haifa to a new studio in Los Angeles, California.

In 2007, Infected Mushroom brought in Brazilian percussionist Rogério Jardim to play drums and percussion during their shows. 2007 was also the year “Vicious Delicious,” possibly the most diverse album up to that point, was released. The album begins with “Becoming Insane,” an intense Spanish-guitar-led number, followed by “Artillery,” a hip-hop track with vocal contributions by a guest artist. Other tracks on the album also feature guest vocalists, along with the guitars and percussion of the newly-inducted Infected Mushrooms.

Their much-anticipated 2009 album bore the title “Legend of the Black Shawarma” and featured remixes of The Doors' classic “Riders on the Storm” and the Mushrooms number “Bust a Move,” which is noticeably enriched by the DJs' well-matured skills.

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