Dizzee Rascal


Dylan Kwabena Mills was born on September 18, 1984 in the East End of London, England, and is better known by his stage name Dizzee Rascal. Rascal is a rapper, MC, songwriter, and a record producer. Rascal's parents were from Ghana and Nigeria, both of his parent's musical cultures played a role in Rascal's developing style. His music is a blend of grime, garage, hip-hop, rap, electronic and R&B. Rascal rose to prominence in England with his songs: “Dance wiv Me,” “Bonkers,” “Holiday,” “Dirtee Disco” and “Shout.” Rascal's debut album, “Boy in da Corner” (2003) earned him a Mercury Prize that same year. His Follow-up album, “Showtime” arrived in 2004, with “Maths + English” arriving in 2007 and “Tongue n' Cheek” in 2009. Rascal's father died when he was young, leaving his mother to raise him alone, who encouraged her son's love for music. Rascal got involved with making music at school with the help of his music teacher, and the constant support of his mother who bought him his first set of turntables.

Rascal's music touches on issues of a confused generation from broken families lacking in consistent mentors, and community support. Rascal's musical mentor, Wiley, also an underground grime artists began to work with Rascal in creating new soundscapes with new technologies. Rascals' lyrics often talk of England's “racialized” subordination of minority groups. When Rascal was just 16 years old he self-produced, and self-released, his first single, “I Luv U.” 2002 saw Rascal co-found the, Roll Deep Crew, a 13-piece garage outfit with former school friends. Rascal's music created an underground buzz that attracted XL Records, who wasted no time signing Rascal as a solo artist. 2002 also saw Rascal win a Sidewinder Award for 'Best Newcomer MC.' A year later saw Rascal's debut album, “Boy in da Corner,” which met with critical acclaim and peaked at #23 on the U.K. Album Chart. The album spawned the singles: “I Luv U” and “Fix Up, Look Sharp.”

2004 marked a collaboration with the Basement Jaxx on their third album, “Kish Kash,” on the track “Lucky Star.” The track was released as a single and earned Rascal his third Top 30 hit single. That same year saw Rascal make his U.S debut performing in Brooklyn, New York; he also won an NME Magazine Award for 'Best Innovated Artist'. His second offering, “Showtime,” peaked at #8 on the U.K. Album Chart, and spawned the hit song, “Stand Up Tall.” Rascal's third album, “Maths + English,” emerged in 2007; that same year saw Rascal collaborate with U.S. artist Beck on the remix, “Hell Yes,” in addition to working with the Arctic Monkeys on the track, “Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend.” Rascal's fourth studio album, “Tongue n' Cheek” arrived in 2009 and spawned four #1 hit singles: “Dance wiv Me,” “Bonkers,” “Holiday” and “Dirtee Disco.” The Brit Awards that year saw Rascal win for 'Best British Male' and perform with Florence and the Machine, “You Got the Dirtee Love.” The duo's collaboration was released as a charity single and peaked at #2 on the U.K. Singles Chart. 2010 saw Rascal collaborate with Colombian artist Shakira on the English version of her hit song, “Loca.” The song peaked at #32 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles. 2011 saw Rascal on tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Currently he is working on his fifth studio album.

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