MediaNet Catalog Territories

Our content partners (music labels and other content providers) restrict how their content is distributed and used in different parts of the world. These “territorial restrictions” can be complex. In addition, an artist’s work sold in one country may be different from the same work sold in another country. MediaNet has made it easy for you to use content in different territories by simplifying those rules and providing you with one quick and easy sign-up process for the territories of your choice.

Content Territories

MediaNet understands the intricacies of territorial restrictions and handles all the back-end hassles such as tax laws and Content Partner reporting. This allows you to provide the best experience to the right customer and sell more. We give you access to one catalog per territory which makes integration and management easier.


  • Currently serving catalogs for:
    • UK (United Kingdom and its territories)
    • CA (Canada)
    • US (United States and its territories)
    • AU (Australia)
  • We deal with all territory-specific differences including: rights, pricing, currency, album content, album art, spelling, titles and other metadata, release dates, asset availability (stream, download, subscription), and pre-order availability
  • Our ecommerce solution deals with different tax rules, reporting requirements, Terms of Use, consumer protections and payment methods
  • MediaNet enforces our content partner-mandated territorial restrictions using a combination of IP filtering, credit card blocking and Terms of Service
  • One intuitive portal provides one place to view and manage activity across all territories and content types
  • One auto sign-up portal for all territories and assets makes getting started a breeze
  • Use MediaNet’s content rights or your own
  • One set of API keys makes integration easy


For pricing by territory and content type, see the MediaNet fee schedule

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