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MediaNet is the world-leading digital music provider for your web site or application. With a broad group of content partners, MediaNet makes large catalogs of music and videos available with quick and easy integration. MediaNet does all the heavy lifting so you can deliver engaging, entertaining, rich media content to your end users—while adding an additional revenue stream to your bottom line.

MediaNet Music

MediaNet works with the world’s leading major and independent labels to provide access to a catalog of over 49 million tracks. Our catalog contains today's most popular hits along with a deep back catalog. If there's a specific type of music you're looking for to keep your users engaged, MediaNet has it.

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Michael Jackson - Thriller

Territories & Catalogs

MediaNet now offers its catalog of music content for the United Kingdom and Canada. You can now use the same great tools we have for the US catalog, and we handle the hassle of multi-territory content offering.

Current catalogs:
  • UK (United Kingdom and its territories)
  • CA (Canada)
  • US (United States and its territories)
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The Content Experience is a great example of what the MN Open API can do. A REST based HTTP service that is full featured and fast to implement, your media needs can be met by this enterprise solution. More information on MediaNet’s MN Open API

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