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YouTube Finally Launches a Music App + Your Top Music News

Posted by Glen Sears | November 16, 2015 11:12 am | No Comments

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Story of the Week

YouTube (Finally) Releases Its Music App
YouTube is already, not-so-secretly, the king of the music streaming hill, with 60 percent of people saying they use YouTube to listen to music some or most of the time, according to Edison Research’s “Infinite Dial 2015” report. The majority — 83 percent — of 12-24 year-olds say YouTube is how they keep up-to-date with music. “YouTube as a music channel is as mainstream as all of online audio put together,” the report says.

YouTube has been the subject of scrutiny over its pay to creators and rights holders, though those figures seem to be rising sharply, having paid $3 billion to rights holders since the company’s launch in 2005, a figure that stood at $1 billion in February 2014. With subscriptions bringing in additional revenue that volume will continue to tick upwards. (Randomly, the company’s blog post on the app launch points out that a windowing strategy for new releases — or at least, singles — isn’t encouraged. “Just this month,” Fowler writes, “Adele’s ‘Hello’ became the fastest rising video of the year on YouTube, while also breaking the record for first week download sales.” Whether that could be true for any other artist in the world remains to be seen.) The company says it has solved the problem of monetizing user-generated content — Billboard is still awaiting an answer on the complicated question of payouts on derivative works like Boiler Room sets.

In a congested market, YouTube has every advantage, and the two that matter most especially: money and ubiquity. Now they have a useful music app, too — as long as you pay.
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Top News Stories

Apple Music Comes To Android, Shutters Beats Music on Nov. 30 – Since its launch on June 30, Apple Music has attracted 6.5 million paying subscribers and 8.5 million users. Those numbers put Apple Music in second place in the streaming market, behind Spotify’s 20 million. Apple Music became available to Android phone users this week. Read More

MediaNet is proud to have powered Beats Music and thanks all those who were involved in its short but vigorous lifespan. We look forward to the success of Apple Music and all those on the Beats Music team.

Spotify To Listeners: Here Are Some Concerts You Should Like – Spotify has joined the procession of streaming services trying to help artists sell more concert tickets. The company announced Thursday a new feature called Concerts that recommends nearby concerts. The feature has immediately started rolling out on Spotify’s iOS and Android apps. Read More

Microsoft Officially Retires Zune Services – Microsoft has officially retired all digital music services tied to the MP3 player, meaning you’ll no longer be able to stream or download new content. Read More

ASCAP Adds Percentage Share Info To Its Songs Database – US performing rights organisation ASCAP has announced the addition of percentage share information to its publicly available songs database. Read More

Dubset Releases Inaugural Mix Transparency Report – The fastest growing genre – Electronic Dance Music – may very well become the music industry’s latest key to unlocking millions in untapped revenue, and we finally have the data to prove it. Read More

Surprising Discoveries

Universal Music Group Now Gets Over Half of Digital Revenue From Streaming – Streaming royalties accounted for 51 percent of Universal Music Group’s digital recorded music revenue in the third quarter, according to Tuesday’s earnings release by parent company Vivendi. Read More

Sony/ATV Says New Pandora Deal Will Significantly Increase Royalties – In a letter to Sony/ATV clients, the music publishing giant said that a landmark direct deal signed with internet radio giant Pandora will lead to “”a significant increase in royalties” for the publisher’s songwriters. Read More

Very Soon It Will Be Much Harder to Operate a Streaming Service in China – The government has released a list of rules — “Notice on Further Strengthening and Improving the Management of Online Music Content” — for streaming services to follow, which include self-regulating catalog in accordance with the Ministry of Culture’s dictates around song content. The rules take effect in January, 2016. Read More

Music’s Superstars Account For Less Revenue Than You Thought – While the music industry’s superstars certainly clean up when it comes to live shows and merch, some recent data indicates that, when it comes to album sales and streaming revenue, the industry is quite a bit more democratic than one would guess. Read More

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