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MediaNet Startup Sandbox Gives Developing Digital Music Services the Content and Tools to Grow

Posted by MediaNet Public Relations | February 22, 2013 8:23 am | No Comments

February 22, 2013 – MediaNet, a leading digital music catalog, metadata and ecommerce technology provider, not only powers  major global digital services such as iMesh, MOG, Myxer, Songza, and TurnTable, but also provides the content and services fledgling companies need to bring a concept through the prototype stage to customer launch with its Startup Sandbox packages.

The standard Startup option provides an array of content and services so a company can build out a true proof-of-concept, test its ideas, and demo for potential partners, at a low initial cost and without being locked into a long-term contract. For a consumer launch, it’s necessary to step up to the Plus option, which MediaNet will customize for each company once it’s refined exactly what it needs based on its Startup phase.

“With over a decade of experience in providing services to hundreds of digital music companies, we know how challenging it can be for a company to create that first iteration product and take it through all the stages to launch,” said Daniel Dougherty, VP, Sales & Business Development, MediaNet. “Our comprehensive Startup Sandbox options gives these early stage companies and concepts what they need to try their wings, and eventually, take flight.”




Fulfillment XML Feed



On-demand Streaming



DMCA Radio and Radio Player



MP3 Sales, Audio Samples, Download Manager



Track and Artist Recommendations



Content Guide with Bios, Extended and Social Metadata



Real-time Artist Trending



Account Balance  (Integrate your custom commerce)



Mobile and CE Device Support



Unlimited API call volume



Unlimited Developer e-mail Support



Integration Catalog (Development)



Production Catalog




Label Submission




If you are interested in a MediaNet Startup Sandbox package, please contact us today at

About MediaNet

Launched in 2001 as one of the first online music services, MediaNet ( maintains the largest B2B rights-managed catalog of digital music in the world, with more than 25 million tracks available to power streaming music apps, subscription services, download stores and more. The company also offers a complete suite of master and mechanical rights administration services. MediaNet offers customized solutions for global music services as well as turnkey solutions for small companies looking to launch their business quickly and cost effectively.

Twitter: @MNdigital

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MediaNet in the news with an article from Ed Christman: MediaNet Expanding Services to Mechanical Rights Licensing, Administration

Posted by MediaNet Public Relations | January 31, 2013 12:49 pm | No Comments

January 24 2013 | – Billboard Biz
– by Ed Christman –

MediaNet, the back-end of such digital services like Mog/Beats and Songza, is expanding its offerings by providing mechanical rights licensing and administration.

MediaNet currently relies on the Harry Fox Agency (HFA) to supply publishing licenses for the master rights it provides to services. But now the company is adding research staff so it can conduct direct licensing with publishers not affiliated with HFA. It also plans to offer those services to digital music service providers that do not use MediaNet as their back-end.

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MediaNet Introduces Complete Copyright Administration, Licensing and Reporting Services for Record Labels, Music Services, Brands and CE Companies

Posted by MediaNet Public Relations | January 24, 2013 11:02 am | No Comments

First B2B music technology provider to offer 360° rights administration

January 24, 2013 – MediaNet, a leading digital music catalog, metadata and ecommerce technology provider for music services around the world, is expanding its administration services offerings beyond its current master rights management and catalog fulfillment to cover the complete spectrum of rights. MediaNet currently offers global master fulfillment and administration for a catalog of more than 25 million tracks, to operators of streaming services, apps and download stores.  This new offering  enables MediaNet to take over the rights administration, reporting, and payment processes related to mechanical and performance licensing, so its music service and record label clients are properly licensed, and remain up to date with the reporting and payment terms of those licenses.  MediaNet will be the first white label music service provider to offer comprehensive, scalable master and publishing rights administration.

“By expanding our administration services, MediaNet will become the only company offering a complete rights and administration package for digital music service clients,” said Frank Johnson, CEO of MediaNet. “We look forward to working with publishers, PRO’s, record companies and digital service providers to create a solution that is beneficial for everyone in the music ecosystem.”

“MediaNet pioneered content management for digital music, and over the past decade, has developed one of the most sophisticated rights administration infrastructures in the industry,” said Larry Miller, Executive Vice President and General Manager of MediaNet. “Now, by offering both master-side and publishing rights administration services, we can  remove cost and friction for any company that wants to offer digital music services, allowing them to focus on creating, releasing and scaling brilliant products and services rather than allocating in-house resources to copyright administration.”Miller will be speaking on rights administration and related issues as the business keynote at the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL) meeting at Midem on Sunday, January 27, at 11 a.m. in Conference Level 01 at the Palais des Festivals.

About MediaNet

Launched in 2001 by the music industry as one of the first online music services, MediaNet ( maintains the largest B2B rights-managed catalog of digital music in the world, with more than 25 million tracks available to power streaming music apps, subscription services, download stores and more through its API and comprehensive set of music commerce applications. MediaNet offers customized solutions for global music services and record labels as well as turnkey solutions for small companies looking to launch their business quickly and cost effectively.

Twitter: @MNdigital

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Laurie Jakobsen
Jaybird Communications

MediaNet Catalog Surpasses 22 Million Songs

Posted by MediaNet Public Relations | July 11, 2012 9:09 pm | No Comments

When we woke up this morning we discovered that MediaNet had passed another milestone: our music catalog just surpassed 22 million songs.

That makes MediaNet the biggest B2B rights-managed collection of music tracks in the industry! And we’re adding more than 100,000 new tracks (plus the album art and meta information) to the catalog every week.

How did we get so big? MediaNet has relationships with all of the major record labels, all of the distributors and aggregators, plus 80,000+ independent labels around the world. And we manage all of the licensing rights for these tracks in USA and multiple international territories. We manage the subscriptions and payments and downloads too.

Being the biggest catalog and the best technology is all fine and good, but what this all means for our customers –- which include the hottest new music steaming apps and subscription services and download stores – is that they can focus on creating great digital music experiences while we focus on the technology infrastructure and content to make it all work.

– View MediaNet’s catalog of music tracks here:

– Get the latest Music Trending Analytics here:

– Learn about our developer-friendly MN Open API here:

MediaNet continues to build on its successful Mobile platform

Posted by MediaNet Product Team | May 7, 2012 11:02 am | No Comments

For music services, 2011 proved to be the year of streaming, radio and mobile. We are now seeing signs that 2012 is continuing that trend and we are continuing to enhance our platform to make sure our partners have everything they need to create world-class music experiences.

MediaNet added over 20 partners last year who are offering a mobile version of their service. We also saw tremendous increases in streaming volume with the successes of MOG, songza and . Overall we saw an increase of over 70% in streams to over ¾ billion streams in 2012.

“Our platform has provided significant advantages for our mobile streaming partners over the years as opposed to other DSPs just entering the streaming space” says Frank Johnson, MediaNet CEO. “Our experience in the last decade with cloud services as well as the availability of streaming optimized formats like AAC+ across multiple bit rates, continues to be a strength”.

We are continuing our push to keep our platform the best choice in streaming with the addition of a 48kbps AAC+ encoding of our catalog that provides a great low-bandwidth alternative while maintaining good audio quality.

Currently offered streaming encoding formats and bitrates:

Format Bitrate
MP3 128, 256, 320 kbps
AAC+ 48, 64 kbps

Another way we make our partners successful is by ensuring a smoother, more responsive end user experience; all of these encodings are free of album art, which otherwise slows down play start time.

We anticipate another year of innovation in the digital music space and look forward to share our expertise with many great new services.

More about our streaming and radio services can be found on our Content Fulfillment page.

New in Australia…

Posted by MediaNet Public Relations | April 17, 2012 12:08 pm | No Comments

We are excited to see this happen! MOG and Telstra’s announcement makes great use of our Australian Catalog. We have been busy setting up and maintaining all the infrastructure of this catalog and rights for the Australian territory. Australians are about to get a great service. Telstra’s customers get an even sweeter deal.

We are forging a presence in a great market which shows a lot of promise. Australia has not had such a quality streaming service as MOG, yet has had a booming music industry in the last few years. We are thrilled to be there.

Read the Press Release from MOG:

MOG Expands Service to Australia and Strikes Exclusive Partnership with Telstra
Music Fans Will Enjoy Unlimited, Unmetered Streaming, and One-Click Downloading of Songs, Albums and Playlists for the Ultimate Listening Experience.

BERKELEY, Calif., April 16, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — MOG, the award- winning on-demand subscription music service and Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company, today announced an exclusive partnership, and MOG’s first international deal, that will give Australians access to MOG’s vast catalog of music, making it the easiest way to instantly access ad-free, on-demand music from virtually anywhere.

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News article from Music Void:

Exclusive: MOG Teams Up With Telstra To Launch In Australia

Rdio was the first international music streaming service to launch in Australia late 2011 and rumours of a Spotify launch have abounded for almost a year. Looks like MOG beat Spotify to the launch stakes and with Australia’s best Telco to boot. This is most definitely a major strike for MOG and its team as it is also for Telstra. Although this is just an announcement of the partnership between Telstra and MOG, TMV have been informed they are not very far of launching.

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MediaNet Launches Trending Product in beta.

Posted by MediaNet Product Team | December 9, 2011 3:05 pm | No Comments

As you have probably noticed by now, MediaNet has launched a new product called MediaNet Trending. Trending brings a great sense of “Now” to the relevance of music information. It facilitates user engagement whether in DMCA radio playlists, streaming playlists, or download pages.

Our proprietary Trending technology finds interesting music trends in many verticals like search activity, social activity, and play activity as opposed to simpler trending products out there just monitoring basic social information.

Trending fits with the rest of MediaNet’s product suite and is available to you via our industry leading digital content API.

Learn more about the Trending product here.
View it in action here.

MediaNet Trending

New Internet Radio reporting added to customer portal

Posted by MediaNet Product Team | September 26, 2011 10:54 am | No Comments

Last week, MediaNet launched a report for MN Open Internet Radio customers. The report provides all nescessary data to prepare their Sound Exchange royalty and activity reports for DMCA services. Data is available for complete months or complete quarters. If you are a ‘Plus’ radio customer it will be available in your customer portal under reports.

MediaNet offers a growing roster of premium services to enhance digital media sites and applications

Posted by MediaNet Product Team | October 4, 2010 4:24 pm | No Comments

Recently MediaNet announced the launch of its new full- featured Recommendation Engine that allows MediaNet affiliates to delivers highly-relevant, real-time music recommendations for any website or application. The Recommendation Engine was the latest addition to a growing roster of MediaNet premium services. These also include:

• The MediaNet Content Guide which is easily accessed through the MediaNet API to add artist and author bios and along with album and book descriptions.
• A catalog XML Feed with daily updates to get a complete snapshot of the entire MediaNet catalog and import it into our affiliate’s own database.
• A Custom Commerce solution that allows affiliates to integrate our service into their own purchase path and commerce systems. Our affiliate maintains a positive balance and can transact through the API. We provide full reporting through this portal.
• Multi-territory Support to access catalogs for all territories supported by the MediaNet platform (currently US, UK, Canada).
• Client Applications for the API including a Download Manager and Flash media player.
• A Contextual Matching Engine that can automatically find references to our catalog’s artists, albums and songs within your existing content. Check out our Media Matcher and Media Link Web Component demos.

Contact us to find out more:

MediaNet Introduces a Sophisticated Recommendation Engine to Enhance Music Sites and Applications

Posted by MediaNet Public Relations | August 26, 2010 1:21 pm | No Comments

MediaNet’s Recommendation Engine, live today, delivers highly-relevant, real-time music recommendations for any website or application.

MediaNet, the leading provider of digital entertainment content, today announced the availability of a full-featured music recommendation engine through the MN Open API. The Recommendation Engine allows MediaNet affiliates to easily offer highly-relevant music recommendations to users of their web site or application. Affiliates can learn more about this product and sign up today at

Alan McGlade, CEO of MediaNet, stated: “MediaNet has been powering transactions on music services for almost a decade. We have been able to use the knowledge gained from that rich transaction history to create a recommendation tool that delivers the most relevant results for consumers looking to select and purchase music.”

The MediaNet patent-pending algorithms will enable affiliates to provide track, artist, album and user-based recommendations. For example, if a user requests a track that is similar to “Jacosta” by Noah & the Whale, using algorithms to analyze aggregated transactions, plays and user behaviors, the MediaNet Recommendation Engine will recommend “The Comeback” by Shout Out Louds, and “I Know I Know I Know” by Tegan and Sara. MediaNet recommendations will always be current due to its real-time technologies and artist popularity methods.

The key features and benefits of the MediaNet Recommendation Engine are as follows:

Use of actual transactional data

Most recommendation services rely on either software that compares specific musical attributes, or on human music editors who decide what artists to recommend based on certain user selections. MediaNet taps a treasure trove of actual usage data to make its recommendations.

Greater coverage of available music

The MediaNet Recommendation Engine is more likely to give a relevant return on any given track since it is looking at a long history of user activity with a broad catalog. An editorial-based recommendation is going to be limited to high-profile artists and albums.

Track-level Results

The MediaNet Recommendation Engine will make suggestions down to the track level, a feature that is particularly relevant for radio and on-demand streaming services. Many recommendation services only offer similar artist.

Easy integration with other MediaNet services

Recommendations can be added using the standard MN Open APIs that also provide access to metadata, samples, streams, and downloads.

Customers can now sign up for the MediaNet Recommendation Engine at, and have a music recommendation feature added to their music service or application in no time. MediaNet operates a high-volume media distribution network delivering premium content in the US, Canada, and the UK for application and web developers of all sizes from niche bloggers to global brands.

McGlade added: “MediaNet has vastly improved music recommendations and simplified the integration process. With our auto sign up we allow customers to find an easy, self serve solution.”

About MediaNet
MediaNet is the leading provider of premium digital media content. MN Open, MediaNet’s advanced technology platform, offers an API and easy to use Web Components that deliver a set of powerful music and eBook content products. MediaNet currently powers hundreds of customers of all sizes from niche bloggers to global brands allowing them to integrate digital entertainment content into their website or application quickly and easily to engage users and generate revenues.

MediaNet ( a digital music pioneer founded in 2001, is privately-held and headquartered in New York with offices in Seattle and London

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