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Judge Rules that ‘Happy Birthday’ Is Now Public Domain, and Last Week’s Top News

Posted by Glen Sears | September 28, 2015 12:57 pm | No Comments

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Story of the Week

‘Happy Birthday’ Song Copyright Ruled to Be Invalid
The world’s most popular English language song is potentially free from copyright after a federal judge ruled on Tuesday that filmmakers challenging Warner/Chappell Music’s hold on “Happy Birthday to You” should be granted summary judgment.

According to the opinion on Tuesday from U.S. District Judge George H. King, “Because Summy Co. never acquired the rights to the Happy Birthday lyrics, Defendants, as Summy Co.’s purported successors-in-interest, do not own a valid copyright in the Happy Birthday lyrics.”

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Other Important Headlines

Pandora’s CEO Explains Why ‘Free’ Music Is Worth So Much… “All evidence indicates that the overwhelming majority of Americans cannot, or will not, pay a monthly subscription fee.” Read More

… And NMPA Head Says ‘Free’ May Work for Pandora But is Devastating to Songwriters – “Perhaps one of the reasons many Americans do not pay for music is because Pandora has told them they no longer need to, since Pandora expects songwriters to subsidize its business by paying them almost nothing.” Read More

RIAA Boss Speaks Out On Compulsory Licenses & Safe Harbors – “Government-set licensing has enabled services like Sirius XM to use music at below-market rates, based on a decades-old subsidy that has long outlived its purpose.” Read More

Deezer’s IPO Filing Shows Both Potential and Problems – Analysts believe the IPO will value the company at about €1 billion, but aren’t sure investors put money into a company that currently pays over three-quarters of its revenue to rights holders and doesn’t generate revenue on two out of five subscribers. Read More

Turns Out The Pirate Bay Servers Weren’t Seized After All – The headline grabbing server raid that preceding the Bay going offline last December didn’t actually affect any of their servers, with the authorities – deliberately or by mistake – taking machines hosting another piracy operation called EZTV. Read More

Apple Music Has 15M Users, 7.5M Ready To Pay – Around half of those who signed up for Apple Music have not turned off auto-pay, which means they’ll convert from free to paid customers on September 30th. Read More

TomorrowWorld Limits Day 3 Access After Heavy Rainfall Strands Thousands – “”Today, Sunday September 27, TomorrowWorld will be accessible only to visitors currently camping onsite at DreamVille. We take the safety of all of our visitors very seriously. The rainfall since Thursday resulted in limited capacity of festival parking fields, drop-off locations, and the shuttle system. Festivalgoers with day tickets, guest list tickets, and anyone not already camping at DreamVille will unfortunately not be able to access today’s events. Food and entertainment will be provided for the visitors already situated in DreamVille. The refund policy for affected visitors will be announced as soon as possible.” Read More

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