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MediaNet to Plant 50 Trees to Offset Global Carbon Emissions

Posted by Glen Sears | October 20, 2015 9:35 am | No Comments

MediaNet eCO2 Greetings 50 trees

MediaNet loves the holidays. We love the cold and rain (and when we get it, the snow). We love sending out holiday cards to our friends, loved ones, and valued business partners. And we love giving back.

Global waste is a huge problem, with almost 6 million tons of extra home waste generated per holiday season. Additionally, in 2014 energy-related carbon emissions increased for the second consecutive year according to the USIEA. While we love to celebrate the holidays, we also want to make sure we’re doing it in a responsible, sustainable way.

Since 2012 MediaNet has used the e-card service eCO2 Greetings for our electronic holiday greetings. These e-cards produce no paper waste, and give back to the environment by planting trees worldwide to help offset carbon emissions. MediaNet is proud to announce that through our partners eCO2 Greetings and American Forests, this year we will be contributing 50 trees to the worldwide Global Releaf campaign.

E-cards are a fantastic way to spread holiday cheer without making a negative impact on the environment. 46,852,306 trees have already been planted through American Forests. We encourage all our partners to consider using a service like eCO2 that not only eliminates card waste, but plants new trees to further strengthen the environment we share.

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