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MediaNet offers a growing roster of premium services to enhance digital media sites and applications

Posted by MediaNet Product Team | October 4, 2010 4:24 pm | No Comments

Recently MediaNet announced the launch of its new full- featured Recommendation Engine that allows MediaNet affiliates to delivers highly-relevant, real-time music recommendations for any website or application. The Recommendation Engine was the latest addition to a growing roster of MediaNet premium services. These also include:

• The MediaNet Content Guide which is easily accessed through the MediaNet API to add artist and author bios and along with album and book descriptions.
• A catalog XML Feed with daily updates to get a complete snapshot of the entire MediaNet catalog and import it into our affiliate’s own database.
• A Custom Commerce solution that allows affiliates to integrate our service into their own purchase path and commerce systems. Our affiliate maintains a positive balance and can transact through the API. We provide full reporting through this portal.
• Multi-territory Support to access catalogs for all territories supported by the MediaNet platform (currently US, UK, Canada).
• Client Applications for the API including a Download Manager and Flash media player.
• A Contextual Matching Engine that can automatically find references to our catalog’s artists, albums and songs within your existing content. Check out our Media Matcher and Media Link Web Component demos.

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Carphone Warehouse enters the cloud

Posted by MediaNet Public Relations | August 3, 2010 4:15 pm | No Comments

Monday August 2, 2010 |

– By Ben Cardew –

The Carphone Warehouse has revealed full details of its new Music Anywhere service, which is potentially the first step to bringing cloud music into the mainstream in the UK.

The service, a collaboration with Catch Media which launches in Carphone Warehouse stores across the UK tomorrow (Tuesday), allows users to access their entire digital music collections remotely on their computers or mobile phones.

Using Catch Media’s Play Anywhere technology, the system “fingerprints” the user’s music collection – essentially making a note of what digital music they possess – and relates this to local partner MediaNet.

The user then installs the Music Anywhere app on his or her handset – it works on iPhones, BlackBerries and Android phones – allowing them to stream music remotely from MediaNet to their phone wherever they are in the world. (read more)

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