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Soundcheck: Last Week’s Music News In Review (6/1)

Posted by Glen Sears | June 8, 2015 9:00 am | No Comments

Apple WWDC 2015

Last week, all eyes were on Apple and the launch of their new music service (built from their acquisition of Beats last year). As the details of the new service, rumored to be called Apple Music, competitors and partners scrambled to dig their feet in leading up to WWDC this week. You can view a live blog of the entire WWDC2015 keynote and events here.

Soundcloud, Merlin Reach Royalty Deal For 20,000 Indies – Today’s Merlin deal includes many of the biggest indies including Beggars Group, Domino, Secretly Group, Epitaph, Ninja Tune, PIAS, Warp Records, Armada Music and Kontor Records. Read More

The Full Impact of Streaming Music – In NPR’s first of a week of in-depth pieces, author Jacob Ganz delves deep into streaming music and why it “solves a long-time [music industry] paradox: one of ownership.” Read More

50 Cent Slams TIDAL… – “They probably could’ve did something more exciting if they reached out, because the people you saw there don’t even own the rights to their music,” he said, the latest in a string of musicians to speak out against the service. Read More

…But TIDAL is Doubling Down On Its Populist Message – Jay-Z and Senior Executive Vania Schlogel spoke in-depth with The Verge about TIDAL’s failed launch, happiness in the face of a challenge, their platform, and their recent deal with Ticketmaster. Read More

Back On The Ranch, ‘Russian Google’ Launches Internet Radio – The search giant Yandex has launched a new ad-supported streaming music service, Yandex.Radio, which allows a user to listen to around 100 ready-made “stations.” Read More

Songkick, CrowdSurge Merge, Raising $16 Million For Direct To Fan Ticketing – Countering TIDAL’s announced deal with Ticketmaster, Songkick’s discovery platform is merging with CrowdSurge to create “the largest artist-ticketing service in the world.” Read More

Did Streaming Music Inadvertently Bring DRM Back To Life? – “…it’s no longer the labels pushing DRM on the music services; it’s the services themselves, because locking you into a single ecosystem guarantees you’ll keep paying their monthly subscription fees and hopefully buy into the rest of their ecosystem.” Read More

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