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Music News Recap: New Royalty Rates Imminent, Aurous Shut Down, Spotify Insights

Posted by Glen Sears | December 14, 2015 10:39 am | No Comments

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Top Music Industry News Stories

Washington D.C.’s Royalty Rate Ruling Is Imminent, Possibly Even Today – The announcement will be the culmination of Webcasting IV, the rate proceeding that will determine the statutory royalty rates to be paid by non-interactive Internet radio stations like Pandora for the next five years. Read More

Tidal Launches in Puerto Rico – Tidal is making a splashy move into Puerto Rico with the concert by one of one of its biggest stars. But the company is a late-comer to the island, traditionally a strong Latin music market. Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora are already established there. Read More

Unlaunched Music Streamer CÜR Media Completes $1.75 Million Financing Round – Even as music streamers from Pandora to Spotify struggle to find profits and Rdio files for bankruptcy, others are still hoping to get into the game. U.S.-based CUR Media is one, and they just added $1.75 million to make it happen. Read More

Pandora, SONGS Music Publishing Agree to Multi-Year Deal – The agreement follows Pandora’s licensing deal with one of the major publishing companies, Sony/ATV Music, a month ago. Read More

Illegal Streamer Aurous Shuts Down After $3m Settlement With RIAA – The deal will see developer Andrew Sampson barred from operating the Aurous website or similar services, while the plaintiffs – Atlantic Records, Capitol Records, Sony Music, Universal Music, and Warner Bros Records – now own the Aurous intellectual property. Read More

Surprising Discoveries

Report Claims Spotify Will Allow Some Premium Windowing – The no-windowing policy was at the heart of the streaming service’s dispute with Taylor Swift; and its resolve has been tested by artists including Beyoncé, Adele and Coldplay, as the idea of making big albums only available for subscribers gained currency. Read More

Less Than 10% Of Spotify Users Listen To 1 Full Album Per Month, According To Study – “Based on research that we did at Universal a year and a half ago, we looked at free users, we looked at their album listening habits within a one month period, and we found that fewer than 10% of them listened to an album in full within that period. That’s something everybody’s got to wake up to.” Read More

Warner/Chappell Settles Happy Birthday Suit, Song Enters Public Domain – The settlement comes just days after Judge George H. King of the Central District of California had raised the possibility that other plaintiffs may be eligible to file claims on back royalties paid to Warner/Chappell and the previous rightsholders Birch Tree and the Summy Co. dating back to 1949. Read More

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