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RECAP: MiDiA Drops Another Landmark Streaming Report, Sony Slashes EMI Staff, Apple & Beats Win in Court

Posted by Glen Sears | September 6, 2016 9:50 am | No Comments


Story of the Week

MiDiA Research Releases “Just How Well Is Streaming Really Doing?” Report
The report from Mark Mulligan details in numbers how Spotify and payment advances to record labels can skew the numbers and make it more difficult to truly gauge the market growth.

“All of the three major record labels announced strong streaming music revenue growth in the 2nd quarter of 2016. On the surface it is a clear cut success story, but as is so often the case with music industry statistics, all is not quite how it seems.”

Read the full story on Music Industry Blog.

Top Music News Stories

Infographic Shows Growth In Music Streaming Revenue. This revealing new chart shows some surprising changes in the music streaming industry over the past few years, while ad-supported streaming seems to be resting at a relatively stagnant $600 million, subscription-based streaming has climbed demonstrably since 2010.

Sony Slashed 60% Of EMI Publishing Staff After Historic $2.2bn Buyout. Bandier explained to The New York Times following the acquisition: “We are not going to run these as separate entities… at the end of the day, we are going to be one homogeneous company, with one person – myself – running it.”

Apple’s Beats Wins Ruling in Monster Lawsuit. LA Superior Court Judge William Fahey yesterday handed down a summary judgment that effectively dismissed the claims that Beats by Dr Dre had cheated Monster and its CEO Noel Lee out of a 5% share of the Beats brand.

SoundCloud Hires Holly Lim as Its First Chief Financial Officer. At Google, Lim worked as the director of business operations for the joint Cloud/Google for Work Enterprise organization, and was also CFO for Google’s Advanced Technologies & Projects (ATAP) team.

Spotify’s Competitors Turn Up The Heat As Amazon Readies Its Rival. Music Business Worldwide sources tell them Jeff Bezos’s company is adamant about getting licenses together for a September launch, and that the majors remain hopeful of reaching agreements in time.

Kremlin Said to Be Considering Takeover of Russian Collection Societies, As Russia’s royalty collecting sector is in disarray following top-level shakeups and a leader embroiled in controversy over allegations of real estate fraud, the Kremlin is revisiting the idea of taking over this corner of the country’s music business.

YouTube: Friend or Foe? Midemblog gathers YouTube numbers from various reports and websites in the latest attempt to quantify YouTube’s positive or negative impact on the overall music industry.

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