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MediaNet Introduces a Sophisticated Recommendation Engine to Enhance Music Sites and Applications

Posted by MediaNet Public Relations | August 26, 2010 1:21 pm | No Comments

MediaNet’s Recommendation Engine, live today, delivers highly-relevant, real-time music recommendations for any website or application.

MediaNet, the leading provider of digital entertainment content, today announced the availability of a full-featured music recommendation engine through the MN Open API. The Recommendation Engine allows MediaNet affiliates to easily offer highly-relevant music recommendations to users of their web site or application. Affiliates can learn more about this product and sign up today at

Alan McGlade, CEO of MediaNet, stated: “MediaNet has been powering transactions on music services for almost a decade. We have been able to use the knowledge gained from that rich transaction history to create a recommendation tool that delivers the most relevant results for consumers looking to select and purchase music.”

The MediaNet patent-pending algorithms will enable affiliates to provide track, artist, album and user-based recommendations. For example, if a user requests a track that is similar to “Jacosta” by Noah & the Whale, using algorithms to analyze aggregated transactions, plays and user behaviors, the MediaNet Recommendation Engine will recommend “The Comeback” by Shout Out Louds, and “I Know I Know I Know” by Tegan and Sara. MediaNet recommendations will always be current due to its real-time technologies and artist popularity methods.

The key features and benefits of the MediaNet Recommendation Engine are as follows:

Use of actual transactional data

Most recommendation services rely on either software that compares specific musical attributes, or on human music editors who decide what artists to recommend based on certain user selections. MediaNet taps a treasure trove of actual usage data to make its recommendations.

Greater coverage of available music

The MediaNet Recommendation Engine is more likely to give a relevant return on any given track since it is looking at a long history of user activity with a broad catalog. An editorial-based recommendation is going to be limited to high-profile artists and albums.

Track-level Results

The MediaNet Recommendation Engine will make suggestions down to the track level, a feature that is particularly relevant for radio and on-demand streaming services. Many recommendation services only offer similar artist.

Easy integration with other MediaNet services

Recommendations can be added using the standard MN Open APIs that also provide access to metadata, samples, streams, and downloads.

Customers can now sign up for the MediaNet Recommendation Engine at, and have a music recommendation feature added to their music service or application in no time. MediaNet operates a high-volume media distribution network delivering premium content in the US, Canada, and the UK for application and web developers of all sizes from niche bloggers to global brands.

McGlade added: “MediaNet has vastly improved music recommendations and simplified the integration process. With our auto sign up we allow customers to find an easy, self serve solution.”

About MediaNet
MediaNet is the leading provider of premium digital media content. MN Open, MediaNet’s advanced technology platform, offers an API and easy to use Web Components that deliver a set of powerful music and eBook content products. MediaNet currently powers hundreds of customers of all sizes from niche bloggers to global brands allowing them to integrate digital entertainment content into their website or application quickly and easily to engage users and generate revenues.

MediaNet ( a digital music pioneer founded in 2001, is privately-held and headquartered in New York with offices in Seattle and London

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