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Enhance Your Site with Professional Artist Bios and Album Reviews!

Posted by mnopen | September 8, 2009 8:33 pm | No Comments

Last week we published the latest new addition to our Open API which allows you to retrieve professional artist bios and album reviews (Partner.GetAMGData).  This exciting new API in our Partner Package returns the ne plus ultra of metadata about music content:  Artist Bios and/or Album Reviews penned by All Music Guide’s cadre of musicology experts. Quite absorbing and full of interesting anecdotes they also offer plenty of straight-up music criticism. They definitely increase “stickiness” on sites.

One of our easier APIs to use, submit either an Artist MnetID or Album MnetID, or both, to GetAMGData, and if we have something for either, we return it. MediaNet makes available over 40,000 Artist Bios and about 150,000 Album Reviews. Two things MN Open API customers should know:

–       First, we need to track usage, so each response object includes a Google Analytics “urchin” (hidden snippet of JavaScript), and customers must be sure to include it with any placement of a Bio or Review on their site.

–       Second, this enhanced metadata is a value-add, so there are terms and fees, and customers must be configured to gain access to this API. (Contact our business development team to learn more.)

If you’d like to see these Bios and Reviews in action, our own Web Components feature them, so check out our Library: Explorer. The link provided will take you directly to our Media Explorer Web Component, where Bios and Reviews are showcased. The majority of our Web Components lead to the Media Explorer, so you can start from any to see this great content.

To wrap up, whether you use the MN Open API or our Web Components, there’s now an easy way to start using the professional Bios and Reviews to enhance your site.

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