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RECAP: DOJ Slams BMI Over 100% Licensing, Judge Upholds BMG Verdict, Users Still Can’t Hear High Fidelity

Posted by Glen Sears | August 15, 2016 9:49 am | No Comments

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Story of the Week

Dept. of Justice Slams BMI’s Protest of Licensing Changes
In a letter to Judge Louis Stanton, who presides over the rate court that determines what performance rights organization (PRO) BMI can charge for various uses of its members’ work, the U.S. Dept of Justice has responded to BMI’s challenge of its interpretation that the consent decree requires the performing rights organization to license songs on a “full-works” basis.

The DoJ’s letter aims to remind Stanton of all the places and times BMI has claimed its blanket license entitles a licensee to play any song in its catalog, including in his own courtroom. “Just five months ago, BMI told this Court that its licenses provide “immediate access to the more than 10.5 million works in BMI’s repertoire,” according to the DOJ letter.

The DoJ also noted that BMI is urging the court to defer to the U.S. Copyright’s Office’s interpretation of the consent decree, which is at odds with the DoJ stance. But, DoJ writes, “the question at issue, however, is one of antitrust law and decree interpretation, not copyright law.”

In closing, the letter, submitted by Kelsey Shannon, notes that after its review, the agency “concluded that modifying the consent decrees to allow fractional licensing would undermine the traditional role of the ASCAP and BMI licenses, impair the functioning of the market for public performance licensing, and potentially reduce the playing of music.”

Read the entire story on Billboard

Top Music News Stories

Judge Upholds $25 Million Judgment in Favor of BMG in Piracy Case. “This case presents the question of whether a conduit internet service provider may be held liable for the infringing activity of its subscribers based on the uploading and downloading of copyrighted musical works using BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer file sharing network.”

Sony Acquires Ministry Of Sound, One Of World’s Largest Indie Labels. The UK indie label specializes in dance and house music and has scored cumulative album sales of 70 million including 40 #1 UK albums and 21 #1 UK singles.

The Concept of ‘Value Gap’ In Music Services Could Harm Tech, Music Industry. Mike Masnick claims “When you have a one-size-fits-all model, it pushes towards a world where the vast majority of casual music fans are left out, in a misguided effort to try to force more money out of stronger music fans.”

Led Zeppelin On Hook For $800,000 In Legal Fees For ‘Stairway’ Case. According to the BBC, R Gary Klausner, the judge overseeing the case, said that Jimmie Page and Robert Plant, along with their publishing company Warner/Chappell were responsible for almost $800,000 in legal fees after ruling that the lawsuit was not frivolous.

Younger People Aren’t Driving the Resurgence in Vinyl, Study Finds. According to their Profiles data, it’s not the hip youngster looking to check out what vinyl records were all about, but rather, “[vinyl] records’ resurgence is rooted in middle-aged nostalgia.”

Top Two Execs Pushed Out Of Music Tech Startup Bkstg. CEO Ran Harnev and president/Chief Revenue Officer Erika Nardini, both former AOL execs, exited the firm in July — Three Six Zero Group executive James Sealey, who originally joined the firm as SVP of Development and head of music, will take over COO duties and founder and chairman Ori Birnbaum will see his role at the company expanded with new executive duties.

Does High-Fidelity Music In Streaming Really Matter? Probably Not, Says a CNBC Test. Out of 48 total songs played, only 1 out of every 3 participants identified the correct high-fidelity sound service, but “at least four times” people couldn’t hear any difference.

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