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MediaNet Introduces eBook Distribution Service

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Wednesday April 28, 2010 |

By Craig Morgan Teicher

MediaNet, a company that has had big success in distributing catalogs of digital music, announced today that it is entering the eBook market with MediaNet Open eBook, an eBook catalog and distribution platform that will allow application developers and Web sites to sell eBooks… (read more)

MediaNet Launches eBook Catalog and Distribution Service

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Success in Digital Music Distribution is Expanded to Deliver Comprehensive
eBooks Digital Bookstore and Full-Featured Product Offering

NEW YORK, NY (April 28, 2010) – MediaNet, the leading service provider for the distribution of premium digital media, introduced today a comprehensive eBook catalog and product offering.  The advanced MN Open platform that MediaNet has successfully built for digital music will now support the integration of eBooks using an intuitive API that has been widely adopted by more than 100 application developers, web publishers and online retailers for music offerings.

MediaNet will make available a broad catalog of eBooks including the most popular titles that are available through major physical and online book sellers. These eBooks will initially be offered in the Adobe ePub and PDF formats which are compatible with a wide variety of devices including PC, Mac, Sony Reader, Nook and new entrants such as the Plastic Logic Que, and additional formats will be introduced as needed. Currently there are applications available in the marketplace that will allow for compatibility with the “iDevices” including the iPhone and iPad, similar to the applications available for digital music. 

Alan McGlade, CEO of MediaNet stated:  “MediaNet has a long track record in the music business with proven success in the digital delivery of premium music content.  MediaNet currently powers music metadata, streams and downloads for over one hundred digital retailers and online entertainment destinations. The integration of eBooks comes at the right time for this burgeoning industry and is a natural extension of MediaNet’s digital music roots.”

MediaNet’s eBook service will be accessed by web publishers and application developers through an API built on top of MediaNet’s enterprise class content delivery platform.  MediaNet’s API provides complete control over the user experience, functionality, e-commerce and content catalog. Online retailers can rapidly implement more advanced browsing, discovery, and purchase options under their own brand. MediaNet will make available its popular suite of Web Components for the eBooks offering in the next month.  With no coding required and a quick time to market, MediaNet’s Web Components allow anyone to place dynamically displayed eBook content anywhere on the Web.  This offers a contextually rich experience with eBooks content presented to end users in a relevant manner when they are most interested in an author or subject and likely to transact. 

New MediaNet customers can sign-up for the MN Open eBook service by going to They will be able to incorporate a versatile and intelligent download manager to simplify the acquisition and management of eBooks for their end users. Once an eBook service is successfully launched, MediaNet customers will be given access to a sophisticated real-time reporting portal to monitor sales activity. 

Alan McGlade added:  “The MN Open eBook solution gives web publishers and application developers access to a new form of premium digital content that will increase user engagement and generate sales.  Book publishers will see a significant broadening of eBook distribution online with a powerful new marketing platform for titles to be exposed to consumers when they are most likely to purchase them. In addition, MediaNet’s entry in the growing eBooks marketplace will spur innovation by lowering the barrier to entry for a broad range of online retailers and encouraging new ways to present eBooks and touch consumers.”

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MediaNet eBooks API Screenshot
MediaNet eBooks API Screenshot

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MediaNet eBooks Web Component Screenshot

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MediaNet Logo

MediaNet at SF Music Tech Summit

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Sean Muller, MediaNet’s COO, is attending the SF Music Tech Summit, May 17th, in San Francisco. For more information, go to:

MediaNet At NARM

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MediaNet’s head of business development Dan Dougherty will be presenting at the NARM Conference in Chicago, May 17th on how to build an online presence for your music offering. See the schedule here:

Beyond the Book podcast of Digital Hollywood panel

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MediaNet’s General Counsel Cindy Charles spoke on a panel at the recent Spring Digital Hollywood. Listen to Cindy’s panel discussion about the evolution of the new media contract here:

MediaNet Tops 100 New Customers for Digital Delivery of Premium Content

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Milestone Reached Within Six Months of Debuting MN Open API and Web Components

New York, NY, April 15, 2010 – MediaNet, the industry leading business-to-business provider of premium digital media content, announced today that more than 100 new customers have signed on to provide digital music content from the advanced MN Open platform.  MediaNet debuted a new set of products including the MN Open API and a suite of Web Components for the delivery of premium digital music content six months ago. 

Alan McGlade, CEO of MediaNet, commented:  “Adding one hundred new customers in six months clearly demonstrates the interest web publishers and application developers have in integrating premium media into their product offerings for consumers. Recently we added a fully automated sign-up path on our web site and as a result, the rate of new customer sign-ups has accelerated further.”

For a complete list of MediaNet’s new customers, go to:  MediaNet’s customers range from global brands to niche web publishers and application developers in various sectors including major news providers, social media platforms, casual video games publishers and direct payment companies. 

McGlade added: “MediaNet’s rapid success has been based on providing a low barrier to entry and reducing friction so that a website or application of any size and scale can easily provide premium digital content to their users.  Our customers can focus on their users while MediaNet handles licensing, reporting and royalty payments, along with content ingestion, management and delivery through the advanced MN Open platform.”

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About MediaNet
MediaNet is the leading provider of premium digital media content.  MN Open, MediaNet’s advanced technology platform, offers an API and easy to use Web Components that deliver a set of powerful music and media content products.  MediaNet currently powers more than 100 customers of all sizes from niche bloggers to global brands allowing them to integrate digital entertainment content into their website or application quickly and easily to engage users and generate revenues.

MediaNet ( a digital music pioneer founded in 2001, is privately-held and headquartered in New York with offices in Seattle and London.

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