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The Artist as Entrepreneur

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It used to be that an aspiring musician would develop his act through live performances with the hope that someday he would land a gig in a high profile club where he would be among the privileged few that was discovered by the A&R guy from the big record company. Then, if all went well, he would go on to record a hit radio single that would launch his career.

But the digital age is turning out to be the great democratizer for artists. Digital music recording has evolved dramatically over the last decade and in place of precious studio time at great cost; musicians are using software programs, ranging from those with the basic features of Garage Band to the sophisticated capability of Pro Tools, to create high quality recordings. The artist, Moby, actually recorded his most well-known work in the bedroom of his New York apartment.

A less established artist than Moby, however, has to take the initiative to distribute a completed song or album. There are a number of music aggregators such as The Orchard, CD Baby and IODA that will manage an artist’s work including distribution, reporting and royalty payments. Another path is to set up an account with Tunecore for the digital distribution of MP3 tracks. MediaNet ingests content from these companies for inclusion in the many online music services it powers.

Another key ingredient, after recording and distribution, is marketing. Artists are creatively using all the online tools at their disposal including building fan lists, sending out email blasts to promote new releases, using MySpace and Facebook pages, and building their own web sites. Companies like WeMix, ReverbNation and TopSpin are specifically designed to give artists more exposure. Recently WeMix signed on with MediaNet to enable the sale of music content through their web site and others are following suit.

Many artists would still be thrilled to have a big label sign them, but they don’t have to wait for that to happen.  Like any successful entrepreneur, an artist can use the digital tools available to turn their work into their business.

iLike Downloads Power Google’s Musical Search

Posted by MediaNet Public Relations | November 6, 2009 6:13 pm | No Comments

Music fans who search for artists or songs on Google are now being served iLike MP3 downloads matched to MySpace streams.  iLike is a MediaNet customer and we are excited to be part of this.  Making discovery and purchasing of digital content quick and easy is our mantra.  Even typing in a line from the song lyric (“tommy used to work on the docks”) will return the song with streams and buy buttons (“Livin’ on A Prayer” by Bon Jovi).

MediaNet launched iLike’s own MP3 store in August 2009.

Here’s some info on Google’s “musical search” which MediaNet helps power via iLike.



The Buzz Around eBooks

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The narrative of how the CD business was unexpectedly disrupted and is ultimately being replaced by digital downloads is well established. More recently, movie, television, radio and newspaper companies have been wiggling their toes in the digital space. They will ultimately have to make a profound transition as well. But this fall and into the holiday season it is eBook and eReader retailers that are getting the headlines.

Kindle came on the scene almost two years ago and is already regarded as a modest success. While they have not sold many devices or eBooks relative to the total market size, Kindle can be given its share of the credit for introducing the idea of eBooks to consumers.

The other early player was Sony. Last month Sony expanded its eBook offering through deals with libraries and Google. You can now check out eBooks from many local libraries using a service called Library Finder and read them on a Sony Reader. In addition, Sony struck a deal with Google to gain access to an additional 500,000 eBooks.

Barnes & Noble launched a fully stocked eBook Store last month and just announced that they intend to sell an eReader as well. A number of companies will be introducing advanced devices in the coming months. Prominent among them is Plastic Logic, a technology start-up that will offer an eReader with a form factor suitable for newspapers and magazines. Expect other companies like Samsung and Apple to step up in the not-too-distant future. Finally, a variety of Apps have been developed for the PC, Mac, iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones to allow users to read eBooks on any of these devices.

Expect to see a lot of action in the eBook space in the next year. And look to MediaNet to show you how your company can participate with our eBook products that are currently being developed.

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