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MediaNet’s New Download Manager

Posted by mnopen | August 16, 2009 10:05 pm | No Comments

MediaNet has recently released its new download manager as part of its MN Open product line.   It is presented to end users in the Media Purchase web component, and is available for API customers to offer for their users as well.

The download manager is a light weight browser plug-in that only needs to be installed once by end users.  Once installed, it facilitates fast concurrent downloads of purchased content.  It provides seamless integration with iTunes and Windows Media Player by automatically adding the content to the user’s preferred player.

Many more features have also been added giving end users great flexibility on their downloads. They are able to check their download history, choose how many tracks are downloaded concurrently, choose download speed, and set the auto download setting.

The user interface is clean, modern and neutral in branding to fit nicely into your own User Interfaces.

MediaNet Customer iLike Debuts Music Store

Posted by mnopen | August 14, 2009 10:54 pm | No Comments

iLike received some great press on the opening of their new music download service.

2009, Aug 14 – Washington Post

– Popular music recommendation service iLike launched a music download service this afternoon, offering users MP3 downloads for $0.89 to $1.29 per song. Previously the service only offered users the ability to sample 30 second clips of songs, or restricted full streaming… (more here)

iLike is a MediaNet customer.  Check out our product line-up

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