About MediaNet

MediaNet’s world-class technology platform, MN Open, offers an API and easy to use Web Components that deliver a set of powerful music and media content capability including streams, downloads, media search, contextual matching and other media discovery tools to engage end users while keeping them on your website or application longer to maximize revenues. MediaNet powers music and media delivery for brands of all sizes including iLike, Zune, HMV, Tesco, MOG, Ultimate Guitar and many more.

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Originally founded as MusicNet, a service provider that powered music destinations for major brands, the company changed its name to MediaNet to better represent its expanded offering of digital video, eBooks and other media types. The company was driven forward working with the major record labels to advance digital music usage, developing relationships with customers both large and small looking for new ways to engage end users, and to forge into other areas of content.

The MN Open platform delivers a service that allows customers to add music and media content to their websites or applications easily and quickly. Through MN Open, we handle complex tasks including licensing, royalty payments, reporting, encoding, and security so our customers can focus on their end users. MediaNet’s API is a robust, customizable and flexible product that keeps the customer brand in tact. The Web Components are a suite of intelligent tools that consist of contextual, discovery and commerce features.

MediaNet is privately-held and is headquartered in New York with offices in London, Seattle and Vancouver.