License. Distribute. Report. Pay.

MediaNet is the only full-service global B2B digital music rights and services platform.
Our exclusive rights-managed catalog ensures proper usage reporting of sound recordings and their underlying compositions for every play, across the entire music ownership stack.

Our high-velocity, highly scalable database and APIs provide Partners with license acquisition, publishing administration, music delivery and fulfillment, rights management, royalty reporting, and payments—under one roof. No black box or third party required.

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Rights-Managed Catalog

Rights-Managed Catalog

MediaNet’s global music catalog contains over 46M digital tracks from all major and independent record labels, publishers, and digital aggregators, complete with ownership information.

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Music Delivery & Fulfillment

Music Delivery & Fulfillment

Leverage our powerful, easy-to-integrate library of tools, APIs, and data feeds to create streaming, download, and other versatile digital music experiences for your end users, at any scale.

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Deep Metadata & Info

Deep Metadata & Info

MediaNet's content management system ingests all major metadata elements, creating rich, unique records with enhanced information like artist bios, album synopses, recommendations, social links, and more.

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Publishing Administration

Publishing Administration

Our exclusive ownership database means MediaNet can administer all licensing and royalty delivery, ensuring precise, timely payments and compliant reporting to labels, publishers, and PROs.

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Core API Features

MediaNet’s API is high-scale, high-velocity, easy-to-integrate, and ready to connect you to the power of our rights-managed sound recording database. Our system processes every single royalty-bearing digital event (streams, downloads, sync plays, digital radio) with precision all the way up the ownership stack. Our feature-packed API ensures every fulfillment and administration occurs at enterprise scale and availability.

Recommendation Engine
Content Guide
Catalog XML Feeds
Global Territories
Preferred Pricing
Client Applications
Customizable e-Commerce
Mobile App Support
Content Ingestion
End User Fulfillment
Accelerated CDN
Multiple Asset Types

About MediaNet

MediaNet is the only company in the world that hosts a global catalog of sound recordings directly connected to an entire database of complete rights and ownership information. Our visionary platform delivers powerful music and media content capabilities and robust publishing and royalty administration without the help of third parties. We operate lean, and our system is the fastest, most scalable B2B digital music platform in existence.

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Our Customers

  • Beats Music
  • CUR
  • Pulselocker
  • Songza
  • Univision
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